Ice Box Thermostat

A fan speed controller with a daytime twist, the Ice Box Thermostat will idle your fans up and down depending on the temperature in the space.  The Ice Box Thermostat features a photocell, which allows different temps for day/night, and a powerful...

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Ice Box - 8 inch (6,500 BTU)

Install this chilled water heat exchange on the exiting duct flange of your reflectors and eliminate the heat generated by your lighting. Seal up the garden and turn off the A/C.  Using chilled water for cooling is (up to 50%) more efficient than...

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Commercial Dehumidifier - 250 PPD

The Commercial Dehumidifier - 250 Pints Per Day (PPD) is a high-quality ceiling-mount dehumidifier rated to remove up to 250 pints per day from the air in your garden. The IsoDehu™ Dehumidifier features drain-to-waste or water reclamation...

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Black on white, 8 mm string reinforced polyethylene is a film that is manufactured using a mix of virgin polyethylene resins. This product can be used for most medium duty, and some heavy duty applications. The resin is formed into skins that act as...

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