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akgoodlight.com is here to provide everyone the best name brand items at the best possible price.

akgodolgith.com features your favorite natural foods. Get hard to find items delivered to you weekly. Multi-Item Savings.

Order Notifications:

Please allow up to 3-5 business days for order processing and handling.

Akgoodlight.com's order notification can be found within your customer account. These statuses may change from, Awaiting Authorization, Processing Order, Shipped and Completed. Akgoodlight.com will not provide daily order statuses through email. Once your order has been marked, Processing Order your item(s) will be pulled from the shelf and will be prepared for shipping.

Akgoodlight.com provides natural foods with little to no preservatives. All food items are prepared appropriately.

Please note, most perishable food items cannot be delivered to a PO Box due to the nature of the item(s).

A Tracking Number Will Be Given To Assure Fresh Delivery Guaranteed.

Once your order status has changed to shipped, please track your order to be available at the delivery address to receive your food items. The sales team at akgoodlight.com is not responsible for any items left by the shipping courier. 

If you are unavailable to accept your shipment please make the arrangements to receive by your tracking number.

Confidentiality Statement:

Your privacy is important to us. Items are shipped in largely unmarked cardboard boxes. Your payment receipt will simply appear as akgoodlight.com. We do not keep records of our customers activity on our online store. To initiate an order, please follow our easy instructions on our secure checkout.

By using our customer accounts panel, please use an unique username and password to access your order status and order history. 

If you have any questions please contact us at info@akgoodlight.com.

akgoodlight.com will not cancel an order while it is processing. If an item is temporarily out of stock, you will notified by an order-cancellation notification.

An order-cancellation notification will be given if item is not available. Your bank / credit card will not be charged.

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