Home Gardening is Mainstream

Posted by AKgoodlight on Mar 24th 2018

Home Gardening is MainstreamYou only need to overhear a conversion between two backyard gardeners to understand how full-filling home gardening can be. Today there are millions of home gardeners growing everything from window box herbs to blue ribbon tomatoes and more. With all that growing, even large companies strain to supply gardeners with the nutrients they need. Gardeners have moved way past the all-purpose plant food and have discover a wide selection of nutrients for every specific need
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Your One Stop Grow Shop. Only Online

Aug 4th 2017

These Systems Produce A High End Product For The Commercial Growers Who Want To Grow The Best. Whether it is Horticulture, Green Produce or Cotton has the best brands at the best prices. Get your post-harvest tools and assemble the ultimate post-harvest processing system. Go from trim, concentrate and extract with these labor $aving devices exclusively at Price Match Guaranteed.
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Grow With Friends

Posted by AK Goodlight on Jul 18th 2017

Grow With FriendsNo matter what you grow from citrus to lemon grass it must be grown to perfection, otherwise you could just buy it in the grocery store. However growing consumable plants requires a big investment. For quality grow equipment that adds nutrition you want and adds no unwanted pollution that is the expensive professional gear that you would feel safe growing foods that your own family consumes. The answer to the expense of grow equipment today is that the hugeyields you are going t
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Make Growing New

Posted by A.K. Good Light on May 2nd 2017

Make Growing New
Make Growing New!Remember when growing was new?--and every stage from growth to harvest was an adventure. As a life long grower myself, I can honestly say that change comes slow to my own grow methods. What worked in the past becomes galvanized into my repertoire, usually because it simply worked before.Then I am confronted with someone outperforming my grow with theirs. I see their faster growing plants, their better quality and larger quantity at harvest. And I can honestly say that my first i
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Be In Control

Posted by AK Goodlight on Mar 31st 2017

Spring 2017!Let’s face it, unless you grow it yourself, there will always be a question about the quality and authenticity of the produce we consume. But it’s not all gloom, today’s gardener can engineer a cultivation space that puts it all right back under your green thumb.Tomato gardeners, will tell you "Nothing tastes like a fresh picked tomato!", and the same is true about all the produce you can now grow in or outside, easily with grow gear from Alaska Good Light. Get that good grow light a
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