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Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D-1 Pint

CONTROLLED IODINE SPRAYKeep out of reach of children.A topical antiseptic for use on horses cattle swine and sheep prior to surgical procedures such as castration.Apply durvet controlled iodine wound spray freely to the infected area.When spraying hold...

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Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D-16 Ounce - 001-0258

CHLORHEXIDINE 2% SOLUTIONAntibacterial aqueous cleaning solution to be applied on superficial cuts abrasions or insect stingsFor use on horses and dogsEffective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteriaProvides residual effect up to 2 daysMade in...

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Animed D

Animed D-1 Quart

GLYCERINEVersatile clear colorless hygroscopic liquid that functions as a humectant preservative and lubricantIt softens and soothes crusty scaly and scabby skinCan be used as a topical sweating agent in horsesMade in the usaUPC : 694244906688Size : 1...

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Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D-32 Ounce

POVIDONE IODINE SOLUTION 1%Antiseptic microbicide non-irritating non-stainingKills gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria fungi viruses protozoa and yeastsFor animal use onlyMade in the usaUPC : 362308120324Size : 32 OUNCEProduct Type : Veterinary...

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Emerson Healthcare Llc.

Emerson Healthcare Llc.-1 Gallon

BETADINE SOLUTIONFast-acting broad-spectrum antiseptic that kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteriaIndicated for degerming skin wounds and mucous membranesCan also be used for preoperative skin preparation of patientsMade in the usaUPC :...

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Saddler J M Co Inc

Saddler J M Co Inc-16 Ounce

RAPLAST SPRAY FOR HORSESThis spray is a unique product which uses natural ingredients to prevent horses from chewing on wraps blankets wood manesIt works in three ways: site smell and tasteMade in the usaUPC : 018978948163Size : 16 OUNCELength : 7.2Width...

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Pfizer Equine

Pfizer Equine-16 Ounce

NOLVASAN S SCENTED DISINFECTANTFor animal premises use onlyUse to prevent infectionPossesses a wide range of antimicrobial activity - provides a rapid and residual antimicrobial effectMade in the usaUPC : 726287104032Size : 16 OUNCELength : 8.3Width : 2...

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