Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-32 Ounce

NATURE DEFENSE CONCENTRATE FLY REPELLENT CONCFor use on horses ponies and foalsCombines citronella with other botanicals to form an exclusive blend of essential oilsWater-based formula has a fresh herbal scentRepels horn flies stable flies house flies...

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Bonide Products Inc P

Bonide Products Inc P-32 Ounce - 46178

REVENGE BARN & STABLE FLY SPRAY CONCENTRATEVersatile formula may be fogged mistedUsed in automatic spray systems back rubber machines low pressure spray systems as a spray dip or sponge onKills virtually all farm premise and livestock pests for up to 4...

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Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-1 Gallon

REPEL-X PE EMULSIFIABLE FLY SPRAY CONCENTRATEEconomical protection from biting and bloodsucking flies gnats and mosquitoesRepels horn flies house flies stable flies horse and deer fliesKills on contactEach pint of concentrate makes a gallon of finished...

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Farnam Co (equicare)

Farnam Co (equicare)-32 Ounce - 3006290

EQUICARE FLYSECT SUPER-C REPELLENT CONCENTRATEFor use on horses or foalsContains two repellents plus pyrethrins and permethrinFor immediate and temporary control of face flies stable flies horse flies deer flies mosquitoes gnats and chiggersEconomical...

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Starbar-5 Pound

QUICKSTRIKE SPRAY FLY BAITEasily covers walls and other surfaces in and around dairy swine and poultry operations and other livestock facilitiesAttracting and quickly killing house flies in hard-to-reach places where scatter baits cant reachUPC :...

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Pyranha Incorporated D

Pyranha Incorporated D-64 Fluid Ounce

PYRANHA STOCK GUARD CONCENTRATEEffectively controls flies lice ticks beetles mites gnatsGreat for cattle barns milk rooms dairies horse barns poultry houses swine houses and kennelsCan be used on cattle sheep goals swine horses poultry and dogsMade in...

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