Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D-30cc

ELECTRO GELAn oral electrolyte supplement effective in treating diarrhea and dehydration in sheep goats and pigsNo need to mix with water like most other electrolyte productsAvailable in a convenient calibrated dosing syringeContains maltodextrin which...

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Dbc Agricultural Prdts

Dbc Agricultural Prdts-- Apple 5 Lb

APPLE ELECTROLYTEA water-soluble mix of electrolytes in a palatable apple flavored base.Adds supplemental Calcium (Ca) Sodium (Na) Chloride (Cl) Magnesium (Mg) and Potassium (K) to equine diets.UPC : 815200010762Color : APPLESize : 5 LBLength : 6Width :...

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Finish Line

Finish Line-- Apple 5 Pound

APPLE-A-DAY ELECTROLYTEHelps promote healthy hydration in your horse by replacing electrolytes lost during daily activityReplenishes electrolytes and aids in appetite and water consumptionContains no fillers no sugars and no artificial colorsMade in the...

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Farnam Co Horse Health

Farnam Co Horse Health-- Apple 5 Pound

APPLE DEX ELECTROLYTES FOR HORSESApple-dex supplements horses to provide additional electrolyte salts that may be lost by dehydrationHelps replace the electrolytes active horses may lose in training/competitionMicro-blended for use in drinking water or...

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Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-- Apple 20 Pound

APPLE ELITE ELECTROLYTE FOR HORSESHigh quality electrolyte supplementMay aid in the prevention of dehydrationHighly palatable apple flavoredFormulated in an easy to feed granular baseMade in the usaUPC : 086621811201Color : APPLESize : 20 POUNDProduct...

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Redmond Minerals Inc.

Redmond Minerals Inc.-- Ntrl 5lb

REIN WATER MINERAL ELECTROLYTEThirst reliefBeneficial mineralsEctrolyte replacerAlkalyzes waterImproves tasteUPC : 018788331209Color : NTRLSize : 5LBLength : 4.5Width : 8Height : 11.5Shipping Dimensions: 4.5x8x11.5Product Type : Supplements-equine...

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Neogen Squire D

Neogen Squire D-- Black 20 Pound

SQUIRE STRESS-DEX ORAL ELECTROLYTE FOR HORSESA balanced electrolyte powder for all horses and dogsTo be used as a supplemental source of energy and calcium phosphorus salt and potassiumHas a highly palatable appetizing orange flavorReplenishes lost...

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Kentucky Performance Prod

Kentucky Performance Prod-40 Pound

SUMMER GAMES ELECTROLYTE SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSESDietary electrolyte and trace mineral supplement for performance horsesClosely mimics the composition of equine sweatPowder can be added as a top-dressing on the daily grain rationUnique ingredients support...

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Milk Productsinc P

Milk Productsinc P-6 Pound

ELECTROLYTES PLUS MULTI-SPECIES SUPPLEMENTElectrolyte and energy supplement for calves horses foals sheep lambs goats kids llamas alpacas crias and fawnsConcentrated nutritional supplement fortified with dextrose glycine sodium bicarbonate and lactic...

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Ramard Inc.

Ramard Inc.-1.12 Lb/30 Day - RAM-05J

TOTAL IMMUNE BLAST SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSESThe complete equine immune product with nucleotidesTotal immune blast will give your foals a jump start to achieve their maximum potentialSupports a healthy respiratory and digestive systemSupports: ingredient...

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