Warp Brothers P

Warp Brothers P-- Black 3x50 Foot

NO-HOE GARDEN MULCHSun-resistant black plastic mulch is perfect for small gardensSpecially formulated to block lightStops weed growthHolds moisture in the heat of the summerAbsorbs sun's warmth in the springMade in the usaUPC : 042351451308Color :...

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Dewitt Company P

Dewitt Company P-3x40 Foot

GARDEN WEED BARRIEREconomical light weight paper mulch that helps control weedsIdeal for vegetable gardens and annual plantingsOrganic chemical free and made from premium recycled paperHelps conserve moisture and does not interfere with the natural...

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Dewitt Company P

Dewitt Company P-- Black 6x300 Foot

PRO WEED BARRIERLandscape and garden fabric designed for professional landscapers contractors and garden centersUv and hydrophilic treated for water permeabilityMade in the usaUPC : 042579816071Color : BLACKSize : 6X300 FOOTProduct Type : Lawn &...

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