Zoo Med Laboratories Inc

Zoo Med Laboratories Inc - Paludarium Filter

PALUDARIUM FILTERProvides sufficient filtration for Paludarium water featuresFully submersible low-profile filterEasy door access allows you to change the filter cartridge without removing your filter from the tankMountable vertical or horizontalUPC :...

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Zilla - Aquatic Reptile Internal Filter

AQUATIC REPTILE INTERNAL FILTERCleans efficiently and designed for terrariums containing up to 40 gallons of water.Each unit includes a replaceable large carbon cartridge that removes odor and waste from waterSuction cups and hanging clips that make...

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Zilla - Basking Platform Filter

BASKING PLATFORM FILTERIdeal for terrariums up to 20 gallonsProvides a naturalistic surface for basking and climbingFilters quietly creating a gentle waterfall effectDecor filter includes replacement cartridge and 98 gph water pumpUPC : 096316280779Size...

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Oase - Living Water

Oase - Living Water - Pressure Filter

PRESSURE FILTERPromotes healthy bacterial growthReduces algae growthUse in or out of pondFor small ponds- 900 gallons or smallerFits 3/4 inch id and 1 inch id tubingUPC : 871980012518Size : UP TO 900 GALLength : 0.000Width : 0.000Height : 0.000Product...

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