Fly Baits


Starbar-5 Pound - 100508299/3006231

QUIKSTRIKE FLY SCATTER BAITAttracts and kills house fliesFor use in house near livestock poultry facilities and moreReady to use scatter baitMade in the usaUPC : 041535792183Size : 5 POUNDProduct Type : Pest Premise-flys And Insects / Fly BaitsThis...

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Bayer Animal Health D

Bayer Animal Health D-5 Pound

QUICKBAYT FLY BAITFor control of nuisance flies in and around livestock areasFast acting ready-to-use as scatter bait paint-on or in bait stationsCan be mixed into a paint-on solution to apply with brushes where flies restUse 3 pounds of fly bait to one...

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