Hearing Protection


Allen Ruger Comp Range Muff-Black/Red

The Ruger Comp Range Muffs are rated to NRR 30db and meet ANSI S3.19 and CEEN352 requirements. The ear cups are padded with memory foam and the soft padded headband comes equipped with an adjustable yoke. Fold down for easy transportation and are...

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Walkers Single Mic Electronic Muff

Walkers Single Mic Electronic Muff is wind resistant, high frequency Mic. 4x hearing enhancement with a 50dB power. Features volume control and is sound activated compression (SAC). Noise reducing rating of NRR 24dB. The power source is 2 Alkaline AAA...

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Pro Ears

Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headset - Purple

When you want something that will protect your ears but not be super bulky, give Pro Ears Ultra Sleek Headset - Purple a try! With ProForm leather ear cushions and soft flexible headbands, you won't mind wearing these comfortable headset all day. A...

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Do All Outdoors

Do All Outdoors EarShield Dual Muff Green

Green Earshield Dual Muffs from Do All Outdoors provides you with the top of the line hearing protction while improving your hearing up to 7X's. With state of the art Sound Activated Compression to protect you from sounds above 85dB and 50dB power you...

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Walkers Foam Ear Plugs - 200 Pairs in Box

Walkers Foam Ear Plugs will protect your hearing no matter where you are. Convenient 200 disposable foam pairs in a box. Foam tips are ideal for louder environments with a noise reduction rating of NRR 31dB. The soft foam conforms to the shape of the ear...

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