Animed D

Animed D-2.5 Pound

BIOTIN 100 SUPPLEMENTUp to a 40 day supplySupplement formulated to optimize the general condition of hooves skin and hair coatPrevents recurrenceHelps metabolize proteinEasy-to-feed top dress powderMade in the usaUPC : 694244901102Size : 2.5 POUNDLength...

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Durvet/equine D

Durvet/equine D-- Apple 2.5 Pound

BIOTIN DAILY HOOF SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSESEasy to feed apple flavored pelletsHoof coat and digestive supplement is formulated to provide optimum nutritional support for normal healthy hoovesFlax seed meal added as a source of amino acids minerals & vitamins...

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Manna Pro-equine

Manna Pro-equine-3 Pound - 1000023

HOOFSNAX BIOTIN TREATS FOR HORSESEnriched with biotin for strong healthy hoovesProvides recommended daily dose of 20mg per 7 cookiesMade with stabilized rice bran so horses will love the tasteMade with brewer's dried yeast for optimal digestionMade in...

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Saratoga Vet Products

Saratoga Vet Products-3 Lb

BIOTIN 240100% naturalMade in usaUPC : 358702990038Size : 3 LBLength : 6.75Width : 6.75Height : 6.25Shipping Dimensions: 6.75x6.75x6.25Product Type : Supplements-equine Supplements / Hoof

As low as $22.39
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Farnam Co Horse Health

Farnam Co Horse Health-2.5 Pound - 75205

VITA BIOTIN CRUMBLE SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSE HOOVESProvides biotin to help maintain healthy hoovesBiotin plays an important role in the metabolism of carbohydrates fats and proteinsVitamin supplement for all horses including pregnant maresMade in the usaUPC...

As low as $23.51
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Pennwoods Equine Products

Pennwoods Equine Products-4 Pound

2X BIO PLUS 60 DOUBLE STRENGTH HORSE SUPPLEMENTBlend of concentrated ingredients with optimum levels of biotinProvides nutritional balance to horse's dietAdded benefit of yeast culture to improve digestion and feed efficiencyImproves hoof quality and...

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Majesty's Animal

Majesty's Animal-30 Day - MBW30

MAJESTY'S BIOTIN PLUS EQUINE SUPPLEMENT WAFERSSupport the health of your horses hoofs skin and coatEasy -to-use economical waferGet the right amount every time without the waste associated with powders and liquidsMade in the usaUPC : 638402199888Size :...

As low as $27.49
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Source Inc

Source Inc-25 Pound

FOCUS HF HOOF MICRONUTRIENT FOR HORSESProvides the most effective essential nutrient building blocks to support superior hoof conditionContains a daily serving of the unique source micronutrients to address the underlying micronutrient deficienciesNo...

As low as $35.80
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Kentucky Performance Prod

Kentucky Performance Prod-3 Pound

KER-A FORM COAT & HOOF SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSESAids in the eliminating of dry flaky hair coats and brittle manes and tailsContains ingredients that provide natural oils in the coat bring our dapples and enhance both color and sheenSupports a reduced...

As low as $38.49
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Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-3.75 Pound

HORSESHOER'S SECRET CONCENTRATE HOOF SUPPLEMENTHelps support healthy hoovesHelps support growth and developmentNutrients work together for fewer cracked hooves and strong hoof wallsMade in the usaUPC : 086621059399Size : 3.75 POUNDLength : 8Width : 7...

As low as $42.07
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Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-7.5 Pound

HORSESHOER'S SECRET EXTRA STRENGTHProvides optimum nutrition for strong healthy hooves tendons and ligamentsSupports hoof hydration moisture retention and hoof hardnessSo much more than just a great hoof supplementFormulated by an equine phd...

As low as $45.99
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Farnam Companies Inc

Farnam Companies Inc-7 Pound

HB-15 BIOTIN SUPPLEMENT FOR HORSE HOOVESHelps support healthy hoovesContains the essential amino acids lysine and methionine vital for growth and tissue maintenance in horsesAlso contains vitamin b-6 which aids in the metabolism of these amino...

As low as $46.36
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W F Young Inc

W F Young Inc-45 Day Supply

ABSORBINE HOOFLEX CONCENTRATED HOOF BUILDERFeaturing proven ingredients that help provide the essential building blocks to support strong healthy hooves.All in a concentrated serving size with no fillers.UPC : 011444502012Size : 45 DAY SUPPLYLength :...

As low as $49.99
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Majesty's Animal

Majesty's Animal-60 Day

MAJESTY BIOTIN+WAFERA superior hoof and coat support supplement for your horseUPC : 638402199864Size : 60 DAYLength : 3Width : 6.75Height : 10.5Shipping Dimensions: 3x6.75x10.5Product Type : Supplements-equine Supplements / Hoof

As low as $52.79
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Richdel Inc D

Richdel Inc D-10 Pound

NU-HOOF MAXIMIZER HOOF & COAT SUPPORT FOR HORSESDesigned to promote healthy stronger hoovesContains optimal levels of key nutrients biotin folic acid riboflavin lysine methionine copper iodine and zincContains microbials to help synthesize vital...

As low as $98.99
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