Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D - Pen-aqueous G Procain

PEN-AQUEOUS G PROCAINOne product for cattle sheep swine and horses.Broad spectrum activity.Fast acting quickly reaches therapeutic blood levels.Economical and effective.48 hour milk out.Extremely toxic to bacteria relatively nontoxic to animals.UPC :...

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Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D - Duramycin 72-200

DURAMYCIN 72-200For the treatment of disease in beef cattle dairy cattle calves including preruminating (veal) calves and swine.Discontinue use at least 28 days before slaughter.Milk taken during treatment and 96 days after last dose cannot be used for...

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Durvet Inc D

Durvet Inc D - Duramycin 100 Injection

DURAMYCIN 100 INJECTIONAids in the treatment of pneumonia shipping fever scours foot rot diphtheria and more.Sterile ready-to-use preparation for use on beef cattle and non-lactating dairy cattle.Broad spectrum antibiotic.Effective in cold temperatures...

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