Insecticide Dust And Bags

Chemtech D

Chemtech D-12.5 Pound

PROZAP INSECTRIN DUST LIVESTOCK DUSTFor use on dairy cattle beef cattle horses swine poultry dogs cats and livestock premises and homesFor the control of lice flies fleas and ticksCan be applied directly to animals bedding and premisesMade in the usaUPC...

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Chemtech D

Chemtech D-2 Pound

PROZAP GARDEN & POULTRY DUSTUse on home garden fruits vegetables and ornamental plants including rosesControls northern fowl mites on poultryComes in an easy to use powder duster canMade in the usaUPC : 098453103133Size : 2 POUNDProduct Type :...

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Bonide Products Inc P

Bonide Products Inc P-4 Pound - 46401

REVENGE DUSTON LIVESTOCK AND DOGInsecticide dust for listed home ornamental and vegetable gardens dogs and livestockMay also be used on beef and dairy cattle horses swine and poultry for horn flies lice face flies & northern fowl miteUPC :...

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Durvet Fly D

Durvet Fly D-2 Pound

GARDSTAR GARDEN AND POULTRY DUSTBroad spectrum ready-to-use insecticide for outdoor residential use onlyFor use on vegetable and ornamental plants poultry swine and petsAlso controls antsMade in the usaUPC : 030907056749Size : 2 POUNDProduct Type :...

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Durvet Fly D

Durvet Fly D-2 Pound - 003-0820001

PYTHON DUST SHAKER CAN INSECT REPELLENTFor control of horn flies lice ticks and keds and to aid in the control of face flies stable fliesApply dust evenly into the hair over the head ears neck shoulders back and tailheadFor stable flies apply also to...

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