Straight Arrow Products D

Straight Arrow Products D-5 Pound

MANE 'N TAIL MINERAL ICE FOR HORSESCool fast temporary relief of minor aches and painsReduces muscle and joint pain associated with arthritis injuries sprains strains and bruisesAll natural water based formulaCan be used as a therapeuticMade in the...

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Farnam Co - Vitaflex

Farnam Co-Vitaflex-16 Ounce

THERMAFLEX LINIMENT GEL WITH MSM FOR EQUINEContains msm a natural anti-inflammatory that stimulates circulationFor temporary relief of muscular soreness stiffness or swelling caused by exposure overwork or exertionThe natural extracts & oils in the...

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W F Young Inc

W F Young Inc-1 Gallon - 427950

BIGELOIL TOPICAL PAIN RELIEF LIQUID FOR HORSESEffective rub that heals refreshes and invigoratesReduces soreness from fatigue or strainStimulates superficial circulationAntiseptic and antibacterial propertiesMade in the usaUPC : 311444130032Size : 1...

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Manna Pro-equine

Manna Pro-equine-16 Ounce - 1000193

CORONA TOPICAL ANALGESIC VETERINARY LINIMENTAids in temporarily reducing soreness stiffness and inflammation of muscles and achy jointsHelps stimulate circulation where appliedContains botanical oils to help soothe and renewFor use on horses and dogsMade...

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Jdj Solutionsllc

Jdj Solutionsllc-- White 1 Gallon

DYNAMINT MINT UDDER CREAMMint scented white cream formulated specifically for the udders of cowsHelps to reduce udder edema in the fresh cow as well as to reduce mastitis 'flare up' when detected earlyHigh quality essential oils have the unique ability...

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Farnam Co (equicare)

Farnam Co (equicare)-32 Ounce - 80193

VETROLIN LINIMENT FOR EQUINEHelps stimulate blood flow to sore ankles knees and tendonsHelps relieve minor stiffness soreness and inflammationInvigorating aromatic liniment with a hint of green soapContains 5 essential oils to soothe and revitalizeDo not...

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Ytex Corp Equine D

Ytex Corp Equine D-16 Ounce

TUTTLES ELEXER SPECIAL VETERINARY LINIMENTRelieves soreness resulting from overexertion during training and competitionAn aqueous blend of herbal extracts and essential oils that soothes and cools tired sore musclesStimulates blood circulation without...

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Durvet/equine D

Durvet/equine D-16oz

SORE EZE LINIMENTCan be used on the poll back neck legs hock knees and hoof to help reduce soft tissue discomfort.Only all-natural gentle ingredientsLiquid consistancy is idea for application on long haired coatsUPC : 745801105614Size : 16OZLength :...

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Farnam Co Horse Health

Farnam Co Horse Health-- Green 64 Ounce

COOL PK GREEN JELLY LINIMENT FOR HORSESEffective for 12 to 48 hoursFor temporary relief of minor soreness and stiffness caused by overexertionDraws out sorenessApply to shoulders ankles knees suspensory ligaments tendons and bucked shinsMade in the...

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Nardos Njp

Nardos Njp-500 Milliliter

NJP MINT LINIMENTFor massaging sore udders and muscles and joints.Massage the affected quarter with .5 fl oz (1 tablespoon) until absorbed for the whole udder 2-3 tablespoons.For best results the massage should be done twice a day for 3 to 5 days.For...

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