Repellents: Mole/gopher/vole


Senoret-4 Pound

MOLE & GOPHER GRANULAR REPELLENTEffectively repels moles and gophers voles armadillos and other burrowing animalsDual action - repels by scent and tasteTunnel penetrating formulaSafe no poisonsConvenient 4 lb. shaker bag.Made in the usaUPC :...

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Bonide Products Inc P

Bonide Products Inc P-5 Pound

MOLEMAX MOLE & VOLE REPELLENT GRANULESNatural formula repels moles voles skunks and other burrowing animalsAlso repels gophers rabbits and ground squirrels in lawns flowerbeds and gardensBiodegradable granules are safe for use around children pets and...

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Liquid Fence

Liquid Fence-1 Gallon Conc

LIQUID FENCE MOLE REPELLENTFormulated to coat earthworms and tender roots making them undesirable food sources for hungry molesThe non-gelling formula means application with hose-end type sprayers will not clogEasy-to-use and long lastingWill not harm...

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Bonide Products Inc P

Bonide Products Inc P-1 Quart - 690

MOLEMAX MOLER & VOLE REPELLENT READY TO SPRAYApply to lawns to repel moles voles skunks rabbits and other burrowing animalsAttach to hose and spray automatically mixes with the water treats up to 10000 sq ft per quart bottleBiodegradable safe to use...

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Enviro Protection Ind

Enviro Protection Ind-6 Pound - 18006

VOLE SCRAM GRANULAR REPELLENTProvides 600 square feet of protection per poundStops vole damageSuitable for organic gardening - all natural ingredientsWon't harm people plants or animalsLong lasting - up to 30 days of protectionMade in the usaUPC :...

As low as $30.40
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Messinas-1 Quart - MV-C-032-HS

MOLE & VOLE STOPPER REPELLENT CONC HOSE END BOTTLECovers 10000 square feetEffective repellent that prevents foraging nesting and tunneling damage caused by moles and voles and related speciesSafe for use around fruits and vegetablesMade of organic...

As low as $38.99
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