Repellents: Snake

Woodstream Lawn & Grdn D

Woodstream Lawn & Grdn D-1.75 Pound

DR. T'S SNAKE-A-WAY SNAKE REPELLING GRANULESRepels poisonous & nonpoisonous snakesApply around houses cabins trailers garages flower beds barns woodpiles trash cans or anywhere snakes are undesiredGreater than 91% repellency for rattlesnakes and...

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Enviro Protection Ind

Enviro Protection Ind-3.5 Pound - 16003

SNAKE SCRAM GRANULAR REPELLENT SHAKER BAGProvide 600 square foot of protection per poundSafe around pets children and plantsSpecially formulated to naturally train snakes to avoid treated areasUnique organic formula provides strong natural repelling...

As low as $20.48
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Liquid Fence

Liquid Fence-2 Pound

LIQUID FENCE GRANULAR SNAKE REPELLENTUnique time-release formula is highly-effective and long-lastingWill irritate and confuse a snake's chemosensory system forcing it to live elsewhereEasy-to-use shaker bottle means no spreader neededAll-natural and...

As low as $22.09
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Bonide Products Inc P

Bonide Products Inc P-4 Pound - 875

SNAKE STOPPER SNAKE REPELLENTAll-natural ingredients repel snakesApply 1 lb of product in a band 8 inches wide by 50 feet longDo not water in after applicationReapply product after heavy rain or every two weeks for best resultsMade in the usaUPC :...

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