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Conquest Scents

Conquest Scents Rutting Buck In A Stick

Loaded with buck testosterone Wipe on any exterior surface Works extremely well in connection with a buck decoy Easy to use stick The CONQUEST SCENTS Rutting Buck In-A-Stick Deer Attractant is loaded with testosteronethe best way to pull in a dominant...

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Conquest Scents

Conquest Scents Rutting Buck Pack

The first ever Rutting Buck lure put in a patented stick formula! No mess, spilling or leaking, and can be easily stored and applied. This premium scent is collected from mature bucks in full rut while testosterone levels are their peak! Rutting Buck In...

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Conquest Scents

Conquest Scents Vs-1 Scent Stick

The scent is impregnated right into the Plastic Trophy Leaf dispenser. Natural Leaf Shape. Custom venting for great scent dispersal. Special flexibility for ease of attaching to a branch or twig. Super Charged Scents. Convenient air-tight storage...

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