Environmental Controllers


The SmartBee Environmental Controls include a host of components that are on the cutting edge of wireless sensor technology, giving you the tools to increase yields from the comfort of your living room or anywhere you have internet access, using your tablet or smartphone.

The SmartBee Environmental Controls enable you to take charge of your garden with a collection of wireless devices all working together to give you more effective control of your environment. Each component has been designed with the grower in mind, enabling you to grow your crop as you have, only smarter. The SmartBee components gather key environmental data in real-time to monitor, assess and, in many cases, proactively correct issues that could potentially ruin your production. What’s more, you can monitor and control it all from your tablet or smartphone using our SmartBee™ multi-platform web app.


  • Excess garden light solar charges the internal Li-Ion battery to extend the period of time before recharge is needed
  • Wireless data transmission for “Real-Time” environmental readings
  • Easily installs into any existing garden configuration
  • Utilizes industrial-grade, machine-to-machine wireless mesh network technology (IEEE 802.15.4)
  • Integrate with multiple LTH or LTH+CO2 sensors for individual and aggregate sensor data logging
  • Sturdy plastic construction for free-hanging or wall-mount installation

LTH Sensors 2.38


IntelliGrow Software

Automatically manage all aspects of your climate, from temperature to CO2, lighting to humidity in one simple controller! The IntelliClimate is still the industry leading indoor climate controller... 7 years running! No other controller on the market...

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PowerLeaf. Automated Environment

The Powerleaf automates your environment. Provided you have a Motorleaf HEART, each Powerleaf automates and controls any two of any of the following pieces of grow equipment: A/C, Fans, Heater, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Reservoir Chiller, Reservoir...

As low as $149.00
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HEART. Monitoring & Automation system

 The HEART is the center of Motorleaf’s monitoring and automation system. It can operate separately to monitor air temperature, relative humidity, and light level. ​Larger operations can simply connect multiple devices wirelessly. The...

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Sentinel Global Products Service

Total Environmental Controller - Custom QTY: 4

Total Environmental Controller - Package is a Custom Quantity of Four Items Features Include: CO2 PPM, Humidity, Heating, Cooling with S.I.C.E.™ Intelligence SENTINEL INTELLIGENT CO2 ENRICHMENT (S.I.C.E.) Your new Sentinel CHHC-4i is the most...

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Smartbee Controllers

Environmental Premier System

Environmental Premier System The SmartBee Controllers Environmental Premier System provides a complete solution for all of your lighting, irrigation, and environmental systems, for total control of your garden’s needs. Made for growers by...

$2,899.00 $2,464.00
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Smartbee Controllers

Environmental Base System

 The SmartBee Controllers Environmental Base System is the gardener's automation solution. Build your Networked Garden™ with Smartbee Controllers. Order an Environmental Base System for an all-in on solution The Hive™ Gateway The...

$2,499.00 $2,124.00
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