Irrigation Controls


SmartBee Irrigation Controls supply plants with the correct amount of water and provide growers with an increase in the consistency and profitability of their yields.

While the typical grow room employs the use of irrigation timers to maintain a consistent watering schedule, their main drawback is they’re based on timing rather than the plant’s actual water needs. The result of this can be a highly-accurate system for poor plant yields.

Thankfully, SmartBee irrigation controls have been specifically designed to combine the benefits of timed feedings while considering the volumetric water content of your grow medium. Making sure your plants are properly monitored is one thing, but do you know how much water your plants actually use? It’s mitigating the potential for disaster by keeping your plants out of the danger zone that is the basis for SmartBee’s irrigation controls. Once set points are put in place, the Hive Gateway gathers and interprets sensor data and waters accordingly, thus maximizing the efficiency of your current irrigation system.


Smartbee Controllers

Water Content Sensor

SmartBee Water Content Sensor are specifically designed for timed feedings by measuring the volumetric water content of your medium. Through multi-point monitoring, knowing how much water your plants actually use is the key to delivering their exact...

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Smartbee Controllers

Water Content Probe (5 Pack)

Water Content Probe (5 Pack) Take advantage of your Water Content Sensor’s full capabilities by adding five more permanent placement probes for a bigger picture of temperature and volumetric water content within your medium. Multi-point...

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